Reading Response A (Reliability)

Dan: It seems like some of you do value this “wall around the ivory tower” a little bit. But presumably not completely. On the other hand, if I said to you, this program is an ivory tower—nothing you do should go out and you shouldn't have any interaction with the community, because you’re here to learn from each other and from faculty—you would say that’s kind of gross.

Nilas: I think it’s about the individual freedom in what you want. For some people, it makes sense. I know people in my class, our class, who document stuff and put it online and as they are here. I personally don't do it. Growing up with the internet in the way that we all have here, we’re all changing our approaches to it. For example, Facebook is suddenly a lot bigger than it was when we joined. Once you put something out there, you lose control of it, and maybe some of us are hesitant about being public with stuff because we felt we’ve lost control of things. Especially in an educational situation, where you are here to change or develop, you might not relate or identify with the work you did two years before you came here, because being here can elicit a significant development. But also after your time here, you might develop further. If you’re a person who changes so much, then the identification, the internet as a mirror, can be frustrating.

Ayham: But in that argument, what is being controlled? The identity of your work, or your own identity? In controlling what you make public, it implies that you’re also trying to construct a specific image.

Nilas: I’m controlling how I’m seen by others.

Ayham: Yeah. I personally find that relationship hard to deal with as well

Evan: I have published my work online only when I am in need of a job. If I could never show my work publicly, I would. However, its easiest to send a link to an employer with all my work uploaded versus sending an attached PDF. The website is the most convenient option to share my work. I fear loosing control when I publish my work online. I hate the idea of my work circulating in places I had no intention of it circulating in. Especially with the proliferation of graphic design on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. I hate that my work has the potential to be in this sort of “grab bag” for agencies to sample and download to use in things such a mood boards to sell ideas/products/etc that I don’t necessarily believe in. I also think my problem with publishing my work online has to do with my deeper insecurity of the work itself. I wish I could somehow send a link to someone and only allow them to see it and not be able to circulate it. As for now, Im going to stay private as long as possible…