Reading Response C (Attention)

Laurel: Good question. Well, technically wants to be as big as it could possibly be to give people something “good” to do on the internet. But as we’ve been saying, the larger scale might lead to its death. The software doesn’t change, but the feeling completely changes when you’re using it with 100 times more people. But maybe, according to Matt’s perspective, that’s okay because platforms are meant to die and be replaced by others using their corpses.

Evan: It is hard for me to separate the difference between and Pinterest. I think what is nice about Aren.a is that there are more obscure references. I remember being really into Pinterest when I was in undergrad because the graphic design around me in Utah wasn't inspiring. I had fun for a few years using it but now I think Pinterest has gotten too big. I have a complicated relationship with looking at reference images now when I am designing. It's hard because I want to be connected to what is going on in the world of graphic design but I am afraid it's really hard to not copy when I look at references too much. I guess I like Aren.a because it isn't just images, so it feels like its encouraging the sharing of ideas rather than just content.