Reading Response D

Its very exciting to see typography in such a dynamic way. I can’t remember which type foundry it was but I remember being able to play with their typefaces by using different sliders to change its appearance. I liked how it could get really wonky very quickly so each decision I made had to be really deliberate. I really resonated with Tauba Auerbach piece about perseverance. Especially when she said, “Historically, I’ve sought transformation through catharsis, through a firm or even forceful touch. I used to conflate discipline with punishment and associate it with deprivation, but this practice has shown me how generous and, at times, buoyant discipline can be.” I’ve always been the type to use pain as a motivator. I grew up playing really competitive sports so we were always taught to “push through”. I think since coming to Yale I’ve learned to be more patient with myself. I am learning to in a way submit myself to the process and let it dictate my path rather than me completely trying to control every outcome. I am practicing discipline by reminding myself of how to make things rather than the thing itself. It’s been hard but I think it will be better for me to be more “gentle”.